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Brothers of DestructionBrothers of Destruction

The saga of Undertaker and Kane has taken many sordid twists since the inferno that left their souls forever charred. The combustible combo has buried their deep-seeded rivalry on several occasions, always close enough to the surface to ignite at the touch of a spark. Still, their blood bond makes them an indomitable force in the ring. And every so often, old wounds close up long enough to unite WWE's darkest duo under one common purpose – destruction.

In this DVD, see the Brothers of Destruction scorch their path of wreckage through WWE. Seven devastating matches against some of the greatest tag teams of the new millennium are presented in their entirety. Witness WWE's most volatile Superstars, The Deadman and the Devil's Favourite Demon, on the same page before they tear each other apart once again!

Length: 540 minutes

Number of Discs: 1 DVD

Release Date: October 7, 2014

Rating: PG

Matches Include:
No Disqualification Match vs. WWE Tag Team Champions Edge & Christian - This match had a unique setup in that Kane lost his Hardcore Championship to Rhyno earlier in the night with help from Edge & Christian setting up this match with Rhyno in their corner. Kane was coming into this match with an injured left arm which E&C attempted to target right away even before Taker made his entrance to no avail as Kane was dominate using power offense despite only having one man before it took a numbers advantage to finally take Kane down & heavily working over the arm with a weapon eventually coming into play along with others who had a agenda of their own in a fun match that was also creating a bit of history trivia for Kane that often gets forgotten about.
"SmackDown" Apr. '01

Tables Match vs. Dudley Boyz - It should be noted that this match happened during the WWE vs. WCW/ECW Alliance feud with Undertaker's wife Sara was at ringside for this match as it started out as a brawl in & out of the ring with one team trying to use the strategy of divide & conquer only for the other team to take back control but having to overcome various odds including a biased official & others who had a personal agenda of their own in a quick contest that served it's purpose.
"RAW" July '01

vs. WCW Tag Team Champions Chuck Palumbo & Sean O'Haire - There isn't much to say here past this match lasted under 5 minutes & was a completely squash performance by Taker & Kane as dominated the champions both individually & as a team as it took a weapon for Palumbo & O'Haire to get offense in which didn't last long at all. It should be noted that Taker & Kane's rivals in DDP & Kanyon also won the WWE Tag Team Championship earlier in the night setting up...
"SmackDown" Aug. '01

WCW Tag Team Championship/Steel Cage Match vs. WWE Tag Team Champions Diamond Dallas Page & Kanyon - ...this match with both sets of championships on the line with Sara outside the ring "holding" the key to the cage door locking everyone inside as Taker & Kane continued to beat down both men in the opening moments with no offense from DDP & Kanyon having any effect including trying to ram them into the cage only for the brothers continuing to be dominate focusing more of getting revenge more than winning the match to the point where DDP & Kanyon were just trying to get out whenever they had the chance. Jim Ross on commentary pretty much said it best, "what an ass kicking!"
Summerslam '01

vs. MVP & Mr. Kennedy - This was a preview of the upcoming Armageddon PPV where both brothers had matches against their opponents (Kane vs. MVP in a Inferno match & Undertaker vs. Kennedy in a Last Ride Match) with a hearse parked in the isleway as Taker & Kane started out very dominate easily overpowering their opponents before a distraction allowed Kennedy & MVP to gain control attempting to single out one member of the opposing team before the action did get out of control with brawling all around ringside & the stage area to the point where one man even attempted to use the hearse to run over one of his opponents.
"SmackDown" Dec. '06

vs. Mark Henry & Big Daddy V - This match started out joined in progress with both super heavyweights singling out one member using their size to their advantage with various splashes & a bearhug causing Taker & Kane to resort to their trademark offense both individually & as a team to take away their size & power by keeping their opponents off their feet & keeping them grounded.
"SmackDown" Feb. '08

vs. The Miz & John Morrison - It should be noted that despite Miz & Morrison being the WWE Tag Team Champions that this was a non-title match as Taker & Kane started out very dominate in the early going with Miz & Morrison's offense having little to no effect before they were finally able to gain an advantage taking away the power & size advantage working over one of the opposing team's legs continuously with quick tags & double teaming resulting in Miz & Morrison putting together a better competitive match against the Brothers Of Destruction that most other teams (on this set alone) had previously done.
"ECW" Apr. '08

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