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Wrestling Society X: The Complete First SeasonWrestling Society X: The Complete First Season

In January of 2007 the pro wrestling industry was shaken to its core when MTV launched Wrestling Society X. Rumors ran rampant throughout the industry about the front offices of other wrestling promotions fearing what would happen if this hip new take on their business filled with younger more entertaining more spectacular wrestlers and matches caught on. Luckily for them like all great revolutions it was misunderstood by many including the very network that stood to benefit most from its success.But for 9 glorious episodes (and one absolutely unbelievably %$@#* crazy season finale that never aired) WSX change the way people thought wrestling had to be presented. Those who "got it" loved it! Those who didn t still could not believe the quality of the matches compared to what was being offered by the established wrestling companies.

Release Date: November 13, 2007

Rating: NR

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